About Anton & Anton

Anton & Anton is a full-service food market. We sell real food to real people who care about the quality and origin of what they eat.

When you walk through our doors, you’ll know you’re not walking into an ordinary supermarket. That’s because what you’ll find on our shelves is real food with real roots: fresh, seasonal meat, fish, bread, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, and a hand-picked selection of artisanal goodies.

But it’s not just the freshness and quality of the food that makes Anton & Anton’s so special – it’s also the people, the place and the service. We want shopping in our stores to be a joyful experience. And that’s why the heart and soul of each and every Anton & Anton market are its service counters.

Our neighbourhood markets are located in Töölö and Kruunuhaka.


It all started with a woman and mother who wanted more than the stores in her neighbourhood had to offer.

Tired of soulless supermarkets, Niina Hietalahti set out to create a super market with heart. A place that would only sell the kind of food she wanted to serve to her own family. A place that revived the forgotten art of customer service. And a place that made grocery shopping a joyful experience. With that, the very first Anton & Anton was born.

Niina began to stock Anton & Anton’s shelves with fresh, wholesome food made by producers from Finland and around the world. Local farmers delivered fresh, seasonal meat, fish, bread, cheeses, fruits and vegetables every day. Artisanal goodies began to arrive from near and far. And so did the customers.

Andrea Hasselblatt first walked through the doors of Anton & Anton’s Porvoo market in December of 2008. It was love at first sight and love at first bite. And it wasn’t long before Andrea called Niina and said she wanted to become part of the Anton & Anton family. Andrea became a partner in 2010, and today she’s Anton & Anton’s CEO and in charge of staffing, stocking and managing all three Anton & Anton markets. A professional chef and mother of four, Andrea is always one step ahead, sniffing out the latest trends and making sure they make their way onto Anton & Anton’s shelves.

Olle Knuus was a fishmonger at Helsinki’s Old Market Hall before joining Anton & Anton. He knows just about everything there is to know about fresh fish, which is why he’s in charge of our fish counters. But his main job is to keep the business profitable, the shelves well-stocked, and the cash registers up and running. United in the belief that good food is the key to a good life, Niina, Andrea and Olle are dedicated to giving all those soulless supermarkets out there a run for their money. And they’re on a mission to bring real food to real people, one neighbourhood at a time.

Today there are Anton & Anton markets in Töölö and Kruununhaka, with more on the horizon. But no matter how much Anton & Anton continues to grow, one thing is for sure – it will always be a neighbourhood market.


The identity has roots in old fashioned food service & with a local personality. The black & white colour usage was selected as a back drop against the colourful & fresh colours of the food produce (vegetables, fruits, meat and fish). The geometric squared pattern forms, comes directly from the interior tiled floor. It acts as a playful and sometimes colourful element in the packaging, advertising and other communications material. All these basic elements are combined and controlled in a clean aesthetic with a twist of playful quirkiness. -Chris Bolton, graphic designer