Seasonal calendar


What are the benefits?

You might say seasonal food has heart. It’s fresh, healthy, homegrown, and delicious. And it’s produced by people who are passionate about what they do and what you eat.

Fresh and friendly

Seasonal food is real food with real roots, and there is a reason why each and every product is on our shelves. Supporting local farmers and producers puts a face behind the foods we eat and keeps us connected to the seasons.

Green and clear

Buying produce from local farmers and producers reduces the environmental impact and costs of transporting products longer distances. And it helps keep the food chain transparent and traceable.

Love of community

Finland has a long and strong history of farming. We believe that small local farms are a valuable part of a community's character. They help maintain cultural heritage, preserve the land and provide a service that’s often – and sadly – undervalued. We’d like that to change.

Win, win

Minimising handling and transportation costs gives farmers maximum return on their investment. And most of the money spent on local production stays right in the community. That’s good for farmers, good for your neighbourhood and good for you.