Good food, good people


It all started with mother who wanted more than the stores in her neighbourhood had to offer. Tired of soulless supermarkets, Niina Hietalahti set out to create a super market with heart. A place that would only sell the kind of food she wanted to serve to her own family. A place that revived the forgotten art of customer service. And  place that made grocery shopping a joyful experience. And with that, the very first Anton & Anton food store was born. That was back in 2008. Today, Anton & Anton brings good food to great people in Töölö, Kruununhaka and Ullanlinna. If you’d like Anton & Anton to move into your neighbourhood, give us a shout.


There are 30 people working at Anton & Anton stores in Töölö, Kruununhaka and Ullanlinna.

Working at an Anton & Anton market is a fun, dynamic and rewarding experience. Not only will you get to work with great people and products, you’ll be part of a neighbourhood. Your job won’t just be to sell real food to real people, it will be to brighten up someone’s day or nourish their soul. It will be to help people make great meals and find their new favourite treats. You’ll get to know the regulars just as well as you know what’s on our shelves. And if you happen to know (or better yet live in) the neighbourhood, that’s even better.

Sometimes things might get a bit hectic and there will be lots of hard work, but if you’re a happy, friendly and hard-working person, we’re pretty sure you’ll love working at Anton & Anton. If you’d like to work at one of our neighbourhood markets, drop in and introduce yourself to the manager. If all goes well, you just might get to roll up your sleeves and start right away.


Anton & Anton has internship positions available for students in restaurant and catering, retail and the food industry.

In addition to the work we do in Anton & Anton itself, we work closely with our network of producers in areas like product development, package design and marketing. If you have a clear idea in mind for a project or research you’d like to do involving Anton & Anton or any of our producers, please contact